What was Ariana Grande’s Japanese tattoo supposed to say?

Ariana Grande recently got a tattoo on her hand, which was meant to say “seven rings” in Japanese, the name of her newest single. Fans quickly noticed, however, that the two kanji characters paired together actually translates to “shichirin,” which is a small barbecue grill.

What does Ariana Grande’s Japanese tattoo mean?

In Japanese, the characters translate to “shichirin” — a small barbecue grill. Ariana Grande’s new tattoo “七輪” means Japanese style bbq grill, not 7 rings.

What did Ariana Grande’s tattoo say?

Grande revealed the tattoo, “七 輪” on her left palm, in a now-deleted Instagram post. “七” means “seven,” and “輪” means “hoop,” “circle,” or “rings” (as in, “7 Rings,” her most recent single).

What does 7 rings mean in Japanese?

It was supposed to say “7 Rings” in Japanese, referring to Grande’s latest single. But kanji characters don’t exactly work like that. The character 七 means “seven,” and 輪 can mean “ring” (or “hoop,” “circle,” etc).

What does Ariana Grande shoulder tattoo say?

Ariana’s shoulder tattoo is a quote from the 1998 film The Truman Show. She got the ink on June 20th 2019 to show off her love of actor Jim Carrey. The quote is written upside down, which is why it’s so difficult to decipher!

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Does Ariana still have her Japanese tattoo?

Grande may be aware that the updated tattoo still isn’t perfect. She dubbed it “slightly better” when sharing a photo on her Instagram story. She also wrote on Twitter that she adjusted it because she wants it to be “more respectful and more correct,” while thanking fans and critics for “the corrections and guidance.”

What did Ariana Grande accidentally tattoo on her finger?

The 25-year-old singer’s new hand tattoo has caused a lot of drama. The tattoo, which appeared on her palm, was meant to spell out her new single “7 Rings,” however when she first shared a snap of the ink, her fans quickly pointed out it translated to mean a Japanese style barbecue grill.

Did Ariana get her tattoos removed?

Though she’s been adding to them continuously over the past few years, Ariana’s extensive collection of arm tattoos had vanished. No Pokémon ink, no butterflies—the only ones that could be seen were her hand tattoos and the Truman Show quote on her back. Everything else had been erased.

Did Ariana cover her tattoos?

Ariana Grande recently shared several photos from her wedding to Dalton Gomez. Grande wore a strapless custom gown for the occasion, and none of her arm tattoos are visible. However, she opted not to conceal the tattoos on her back or hands.

Did Ariana Grande remove her 7 rings tattoo?

After fans alerted Grande to the mistake on Twitter, she responded with a series of also since-deleted Tweets (and took down the photo). “Indeed, I left out ‘つの指’ which should have gone in between,” she said.

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Do Ariana Grande know Japanese?

▼ Grande has been studying Japanese since 2014/2015. ▼ As well as learning how to read and write Japanese, Grande has been learning how to speak the language as well. ▼ The singer often credits her tutor, Ayumi Furuya, from L.A. -based Fuji Online School, for her Japanese skills.

Why does Ariana Grande have an Eevee tattoo?

The new tattoo comes just after Ari admitted she spent 15 hours playing Pokémon Let’s Go. In a tweet made on Sunday, January 13, she wrote, “honestly. yesterday i had a day off and i played pokémon let’s go eevee for fifteen hours.