What years did Kawasaki make the 650 prairie?

The 2003 Kawasaki Prairie 650 4×4 ATV is considered among enthusiasts to be one of the best engineered off-road vehicles available since the Prairie series was introduced in 1983. The Prairie 650 was the first V-Twin powered ATV and marketed specifically for hunters and farmers, according to ATVSource.com.

How much is a Kawasaki Prairie 650 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $6,999 $2,520
Options (Change)
Total Price $6,999 $2,520

When did Kawasaki stop making the prairie?

The Kawasaki Prairie 360 4×4 is a utility ATV produced from 2003-2013 as a compact version of the Prairie 650.

Where is the serial number on a Kawasaki Prairie 650?

You will find the VIN stamped on the steering head, below the handlebars. The VIN can be found on the left front frame rail behind the wheel.

What is the value of a 2002 Kawasaki Prairie 650?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $6,999 $2,260
Options (Change)
Total Price $6,999 $2,260
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How fast is a Kawasaki Prairie 650?


Kawasaki Prairie KVF650-A/B Models
Maximum Power 41.4 hp/42 PS (30.9 kW @ 6,500 RPM), U.S.
Maximum Torque 52.1 Nm (5.3 kgf-m, 38.33 ft-lb) @ 4,000 RPM
Top Speed 105 mph (169 km/h) – advertised
Lubrication Forced lubrication (wet sump)

When did Kawasaki make the 700 prairie?

Introduced in 2004, the KVF700 felt more like a continuation of the 650-cc machine’s run than a new Prairie model for avid Kawie followers.

Is Kawasaki Prairie 360 4×4?

The Prairie 360 4×4 Camo comes with all the nifty features of the base model including AWD with a limited slip front differential and strong engine braking, generous cargo racks and high towing power.

Who makes the Prairie 4 wheeler?

Kawasaki PRAIRIE 360 4X4 Four Wheelers.

What year is Kawasaki klf300b?

The Kawasaki KLF300 model is a ATV bike manufactured by Kawasaki .

Kawasaki KLF300 General Information
Model Kawasaki KLF300
Start year 2009
Year 2009
Category ATV

How much is a 2000 Kawasaki Prairie 400 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $6,099 $1,980
Options (Change)
Total Price $6,099 $1,980

How many Kawasaki Tecate 4 were made?

Introduced in 1984, the Kawasaki Tecate was one of the best sport quads ever produced by an ATV manufacturer and the fastest 250-cm3 four-wheeler in stock form.


1988 Kawasaki Tecate 4 (KXF250A)
Top Speed 74.75 mph (120.3 km/h) – forums
Lubrication Petrol mix (20:1)

Where is the VIN on Kawasaki Prairie?

Where is the VIN located on my Kawasaki motorcycle, ATV, or MULE®? Certification Label affixed to, or near, the side of the steering head. On ATV’s it is stamped on the lower frame tube, to the left of the engine.

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How do you read a VIN number on a Kawasaki?

The Kawasaki VIN number consists of 17 characters. If you look at the code of your bike, you will see that the first characters are JK. The letter J stands for Japan, the country where the engine and the frame were made. The next letter identifies the name of the company, here we have Kawasaki and letter K.

How can I get a free VIN number for my ATV?

VinCheck.info offers a free ATV VIN check. Simply go to the ATV VIN Check page and enter the VIN in the space provided and click “Check VIN.” VinCheck.info runs a comprehensive database with critical information on registered vehicles across the United States including ATVs from all manufacturers.