When can you yield in King of Tokyo?

You can only yield immediately after you are damaged by a player rolling Claws.

What does yield Tokyo mean in King of Tokyo?

Yield can mean to give up your claim to something. Politicians can yield the floor if they are speaking and someone else wants to. So, “yield and leave Tokyo” means you give up your claim and leave.

How does freeze time work King of Tokyo?

For the card ‘Freeze Time’, it states: On a turn where you roll [1][1][1] or more, you can take another turn with one less die.

When can you enter Tokyo in King of Tokyo?


If no one is in Tokyo you must enter Tokyo, at the beginning of the game the first player will move into Tokyo during this phase of their turn, and in 5 to 6 player games, there will also be Tokyo Bay if this is empty the next player must enter Tokyo Bay.

How does Tokyo Bay Work King of Tokyo?

The game is over when a Monster scores 20 Victory Points or is the last Monster standing. The Monster who gains 20 or is the last one standing wins the game and is crowned King of Tokyo. … When playing with 5 or 6 Monsters, adds Tokyo Bay to the game.

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How does Tokyo yield?

Players may choose to Yield Tokyo after they have taken damage. Each clawed hand represents 1 damage. If a monster Yields Tokyo then it moves out of the Tokyo space, but still takes the 1 damage.

Can you play king of Tokyo with 2 players?

King of Tokyo is a game for 2 – 6 players where you play as mutant monsters, rampaging robots, or even abominable aliens battling in a fun, chaotic atmosphere.

When can you use cards in King of Tokyo?

Keep cards can be played only during your turn. Discard cards are to be played immediately. Permanent power ups can be played only during your turn.

Can you use healing ray in Tokyo?

At tokyo you cant use the heart result to heal ,but you can heal yourself and others with the using of cards. its say at rules page 2 “the monster in tokyo cannot use the “heart” result on the dice (but can heal using cards). healing ray is a card so he can heal others.

How many monsters can be in Tokyo King of Tokyo?

You can only enter Tokyo if no one else is in Tokyo (thus, only 1 monster in Tokyo at a time, unless 5-6 players, in which case one in Tokyo City and one in Tokyo Bay). You can only leave if someone damages you with a rolled claw.

Can you leave Tokyo?

No, you can only leave Tokyo as the immediate result of taking damage (from an attack) while in Tokyo. The rules (PDF) state (under “Becoming King of Tokyo”): If you are attacked while in Tokyo and you don’t want to be there anymore … you can yield to the Monster that attacked.

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How many dice are in King of Tokyo?

Players throw 6 dice, and may reroll some of them as in the dice game Yahtzee. Die faces are power, health, attack, 1, 2, and 3. With power dice, players collect power tokens to buy power cards with. With health dice, players outside Tokyo heal damage done to them.