Who got Kobe’s estate?

Interest into Kobe Bryant’s estate’s net worth has spiked after the beverage company BodyArmor was sold to Coca-Cola, in which the late basketballer had invested. As per reports, the Bryan family estate will receive around $400 million after the late basketball player invested $6 million in the company.

Who owns the Kobe Bryant estate?

Widely considered one of the greatest to ever play in the NBA, Bryant, his daughter, Gianna, and seven others died in a helicopter crash in January 2020. Vanessa Bryant, his widow, is the executor of the Bryant estate.

Who gets Kobe Bryant money?

Soon after very little was known as to Kobe’s estate planning strategies used to protect and preserve his estimated $600 million dollar estate for his wife, Vanessa, and the three surviving daughters.

How much money did Kobe Bryant leave his family?

He left behind a $6 million estate that was sold to settle his debts and pay for his children’s education. Kobe Bryant has given his parents a lot of money. He left behind $60 million when he retired from basketball in 2016.

How Much Is Kobe worth after death?

According to Forbes’ 2020 Dead Celebrity ranking, Kobe Bryant earned $20 million after his death, most of which came from Nike products which rake in an estimated $250million annually.

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Kobe gave his own explanation to the logo in the Esquire magazine. He said the emblem represented a sword in a sheath. But there was a deeper meaning also. “The sword is the raw talent,” explained Kobe, while the sheath stands for the effort one puts into developing his talent.

Is Vanessa Bryant’s mom still suing her?

Vanessa Bryant has settled a lawsuit filed against her by her mother, Sofia Urbieta Laine. … Laine filed a notice of unconditional settlement Wednesday in Orange County Superior Court, indicating that a request for dismissal would be filed within 45 days.

Did Kobe buy his mother in law a house?

In 2016, Kobe said in an ESPN interview, “Our relationship is s***. … Sources told TMZ at the time that Pamela felt Kobe was giving more to his mother-in-law. Kobe had Sofia living in a $3.2 million house in Newport. After the home was sold, he reportedly moved her to another multi-million dollar mansion nearby.

Did Kobe Bryant financially support his sisters?

Kobe cut off financial support to his sisters, which ultimately strengthened their relationship. In a 2016 ESPN profile, the father of four confessed that he no longer gave Sharia and Shaya money from his $600 million fortune. “They’re very smart, college-educated [women],” he shared. “I’m really proud of them.

Who is the wealthiest NBA player?

LeBron James tops Forbes list as highest earning NBA player for 2021-22

1. LeBron James $111.2m
2. Stephen Curry $92.8m
3. Kevin Durant $87.9m
4. Giannis Antetokounmpo $80.3m
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What is Kobe Bryants estate worth?

Bryant’s estate, which Forbes reported to be worth up to $600 million at the time of his death and is now controlled by his widow Vanessa Bryant, will see a roughly $400 million payoff from the deal, the Wall Street Journal reports.