Who has more clutch shots Kobe or LeBron?

According to 82games.com since the 2003-2004 season, Kobe Bryant has hit 14 game winning shots while LeBron has hit 17. LeBron’s 17 leads the pack while Kobe’s 14 is fourth. … And the numbers state LeBron has been more clutch over the past 4.5 seasons. Yet, Kobe maintains the overall notoriety for game winners.

How many clutch shots has Kobe made?

#2 Kobe Bryant – Eight buzzer-beaters

During his 20-year career, Bryant ended up hitting a total of eight buzzer-beating game-winners for the Lakers.

Who has more clutch shots Kobe or Jordan?

Jordan Is Much More Clutch Than Kobe Is

Kobe has already tied Jordan in terms of making game winning shots after his shot against the Bucks raised his total to 27—the same as Jordan. In his career, Jordan averaged 33.4 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 5.7 assists, while shooting 48.7 percent from the field.

Who is the best clutch shooter in NBA history?

The name Reggie Miller is synonymous with clutch. His accuracy from beyond the arc makes him a threat whenever he touches the ball, which is why he’s the NBA’s career leader in 3-pointers made in the regular season and the playoffs.

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Who has the most missed clutch shots in NBA history?

Kobe Bryant has 14,481 missed shots in his NBA career, which is the most in history.

Who is more clutch Jordan or LeBron?

In conclusion, LeBron is much more clutch than Jordan. When the two smelled blood and had a chance to eliminate their opponents, LeBron wins 1.6% more often. When their backs are against the wall, LeBron wins 16.7% more often. Jordan only improved slightly in a few categories when facing elimination.

Who is the most clutch athlete of all time?

The 10 Most Clutch Professional Athletes in Sporting History

  1. Michael Jordan. What, you expected someone else to be here?
  2. Joe Montana. Look, you don’t earn yourself the nickname “Joe Cool” by panicking when the game’s on the line. …
  3. Adam Vinatieri. …
  4. Patrick Roy. …
  5. Tom Brady. …
  6. Kobe Bryant. …
  7. Tiger Woods. …
  8. Reggie Jackson. …

Why is LeBron James better than Michael Jordan?

LeBron’s stats show that he is more efficient than Jordan. Jordan has a better free throw percentage, and that improves his points per game average. Both are close in their efficiency ratings. Michael Jordan had more steals per game than LeBron, but they are the same on blocks per game.

Who is better LeBron or Jordan?

Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James: Regular season stats

Jordan is superior in the scoring department, but James grabs rebounds and dishes out assists at a higher rate. While both players are known for tenacious defense on the wing, Jordan finished first in the league in steals three times in his career.

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Who is the least clutch NBA player?

Calling him the least-clutch shooter of the 2010s probably isn’t fair.

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo.
  • Stephen Curry.
  • JJ Redick.
  • Jason Terry.
  • Anthony Davis.
  • Marco Belinelli.
  • CJ McCollum.
  • Eric Gordon.

How clutch is Russell Westbrook?

He has made 53 while Dame has got 52, and both LeBron James and Kevin Durant have 51. This stat doesn’t tell the whole story however as Russell Westbrook has notoriously never shot the ball well in the Playoffs, especially in the clutch. He actually shoots under 20% in the clutch in Playoffs.

Was Shaq clutch?

As for Shaq, the good news is yes he does shoot better in the clutch, the bad news is not by much and he has only raised his accuracy to .

Random Stat: Clutch Free Throw Shooting.

Player Shaquille O’Neal
Non-Clutch FT% .468
Clutch FTM 20
Clutch FTA 40
Clutch FT% .500

How many clutch shots has LeBron missed?

He sometimes gets a bad rap for not being clutch but his numbers say otherwise. Lebron has 19 game winners and buzzer beaters over his career. But the thing is, he is still playing and will more than likely add on to that total. He is 8-20 in the final 24 seconds of a game and 6-11 in the final 10 seconds.

Is LeBron a clutch?

LeBron James has that clutch gene. Previously portrayed as a choke artist who wanted no part of the last shot in tightly contested games, LeBron has developed into one of the most clutch scorers in the NBA. Actually, strike that. Statistically, he is the most clutch player in the league.

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How many clutch shots has Damian Lillard made?

Lillard leads the league in clutch points with 124. He’s shooting 60.3% from the field (35-of-58), 53.3% from 3-point range (16-of-30) and 100% from the foul line (38-of-38) in clutch situations.