Who introduced whiskey to Japan?

The actual history of real Japanese whisky does not start until the mid-1920s when two men — Shinjiro Torii and Masataka Taketsuru — joined forces to found the first authentic whisky distillery in Japan.

Who brought whiskey to Japan?

Masataka Taketsuru was known as the “Father of Japanese Whisky” and studied the intricate whisky-making process in Scotland. He took his knowledge and his Scottish wife, Rita, back to Japan and established one of the most popular Japanese Whisky companies: Nikka Whisky.

How did whiskey come to Japan?

Torii saw the gap in the market and knew that there needed to be an authentic whisky distilled in Japan. He approached Taketsuru to set up the country’s first whisky distillery – Yamazaki. Five years later, in 1929, The Yamazaki Distillery’s first real malt whisky, Shirofuda ‘White Label’ went on sale.

Why is Japanese whiskey famous?

Japanese whisky is more popular than ever. … There are many unique elements to the production of Japanese whisky, and that’s part of the reason why the distinctive drams which result have had the whole whisky world so enamored. Fifty percent of the character of whisky is decided by mother nature.

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Is Whiskey popular in Japan?

It’s one of the most popular drinks in Japan, and the story behind how it came to be is more fascinating than you might realise. Read on to find about how Japan’s love affair with whisky came to be. … The success of the drink is largely down to two men: Shinjiro Torii and Masataka Takaretsu.

What was the original alcoholic drink of Japan?

Alcoholic beverages (Japanese: 酒, romanized: sake) are mentioned several times in the Kojiki, Japan’s first written history, which was compiled in 712. Bamforth (2005) places the probable origin of true sake (which is made from rice, water, and kōji mold (麹, Aspergillus oryzae) in the Nara period (710–794).

What’s the oldest Japanese whiskey?

Yamazaki 55 is a whisky whose journey began during the 1960s under the supervision of Suntory’s founder Shinjiro Torii, who built the Yamazaki Distillery in 1923. It stands as Japan’s first and oldest distillery, and is the birthplace of Japanese whisky.

Is Sake Japanese whiskey?

Sake is a type of brewed alcohol

In Japan, there is a traditional spirit called as “shochu” (it falls under the same category as Korean soju by definition in the US.) Though their pellucid color and drinking style are similar among these two drinks, sake and tequila are entirely different.

How long have the Japanese been making whiskey?

So, in honor of the big win, here are five things you should know about Japanese whisky. It’s The New Kid on the Block — Japanese whisky has been commercially produced since since the early 1920s, when the Yamazaki distillery was first built near Kyoto.

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Is Suntory a Scotch whiskey?

It’s Japanese made, but Scotch-inspired.

And though Suntory’s original production took place in the Yamazaki distillery outside Kyoto, Torii originally developed the whisky’s flavor profile based on that of the Scotch whisky he tasted while on the job.

Is Japanese whisky better than scotch?

High elevation, low pressure. … Japan is home to some of the highest distilleries in the world; as elevation increases, pressure decreases, and therefore the boiling point also decreases. A lower boiling point helps retain flavor and aroma and produces a smooth, more drinkable whisky.

Why is Japanese whiskey so expensive?

Partly supply and demand. Japanese whisky has been enjoyed domestically for decades. Up until the 1980s, it was the drink. Then schochu, a light, rice-based spirit, came along and whims changed.

What means Suntory?

From Suntory, trademark (Santorī in romanized Japanese kana orthography) from English sun + an Anglicizing romanization of Torii, the family name of the company’s founder, probably so-called with allusion to Japanese akadama red ball, used in the name of a fortified wine produced by Torii’s company in 1907.

Which country drinks the most whisky?

The country that consumes the most whiskey in the world is India. Indians consumed 1.5 billion litres of whiskey in 2014, completely dwarfing the United States’ 462 million litres, according to a research note from Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Is Oban Japanese whiskey?

listen) OH-bən; Scottish Gaelic: Taigh-stail an Òbain) is a whisky distillery in the Scottish west coast port of Oban.

Oban distillery.

Region: Highland
Owner Diageo
Founded 1794
Founder John and Hugh Stevenson
Status Operational
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What is Japanese whiskey similar to?

Japanese whisky is most similar to scotch whisky in terms of its production methods. Single malts and blends are the main styles made, using pot and column stills and aged in a variety of barrel types including ex-bourbon barrels, sherry casks, and Japanese Mizunara oak.