Who is the uncle of Goku?

In Germany, Turles was described as the brother of Bardock, making him Goku’s uncle.

What is Goku’s uncle name?


Son Gohan
Aliases The Great Saiyaman The Golden Warrior
Species Saiyan/Human hybrid
Occupation Scholar
Family Bardock (paternal grandfather) Raditz (paternal uncle) Gine (paternal grandmother) Ox-King (maternal grandfather) Goku (father) Chi-Chi (mother) Son Goten (younger brother)

Who is Goku real brother?

Raditz (ラディッツ, Radittsu), also known as “Raditz the Runt”, is a mid-class Saiyan warrior, the biological brother of Goku and the eldest son of Bardock and Gine. He is one of the few remaining full-blooded Saiyans left alive after his homeworld was destroyed.

Who is Bardocks brother?

Uncle would mean Turles is Bardock’s brother. In one of the games, if Bardock fights Goku he says “You look familiar. Are you Turles’s son?”.

Is Raditz Goku’s uncle?

Raditz (ラディッツ, Radittsu) was one of the sons of the Saiyan, Bardock, as well as the older brother of Goku (Kakarot). With him being Goku’s brother. He is the uncle of Gohan and Goten.

Is Broly and Goku Brothers?

Broly was born on the same day as Bardock’s son, Kakarot (who would later become known as Son Goku, the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball series), and while Kakarot was born with a very low power level of 2, Broly was born with an amazing power level of 10,000.

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Who is Goku father?

Bardock – The Father of Goku

Before his death, however, Bardock has one final vision of Goku challenging Frieza, and dies smiling knowing his son is destined to avenge their people’s annihilation.

Who is Goku’s bestfriend?

As the series progresses, Krillin becomes Goku’s closest ally and best friend as he fights every villain along with Goku or before him and is often depicted as the comic relief.

Is Raditz a Vegeta?

Originally Answered: Are raditz and Vegeta the same person? No they aren’t Vegeta belongs to the Royal family and is the prince of Saiyans whereas Raditz belongs to a low line soldier blood group.

Who is Goku’s cousin?

Turles is a lower-class Saiyan warrior. Though he appears to be around the same age as Goku, Turles is older.

Is Lord Slug guru brother?

It is revealed that Lord Slug is the other half of Super Kami Guru. Ironically, Guru is the evil half. While Slug is the other half of Guru, the latter also considers him a brother, as when Frieza calls Guru a “slug”, Guru responds with “Leave my brother out of this!” referencing Lord Slug.

Who is Goku Jr’s parents?

Gozek is the son of Goten, first cousin once removed of Ruben, and a minor character in Ruben, the Father of Goku Jr.. He is age 82 to 94 in the series.

Are cell and Piccolo brothers?

Piccolo, stunned, asks how Cell knows his name and who he is. Cell then powers up, surprising Piccolo again, and tells Piccolo that he is his brother (although Cell does not know at this point that Piccolo fused with Kami).

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Is bardock bad?

Bardock isn’t evil. His SaiHan nature makes him brutal and enjoy fighting, the mindset that Goku originally had before he hit his head. Goku, Gohan, goten, trunks, and even vegeta aren’t as brutal and cruel because they weren’t raised in planet vegeta, except vegetal and he has lived on earth for a long time.

Is bardock alive?

Bardock survives after his battle against Frieza and wakes up in a bed on a planet that looks a lot like Planet Vegeta. He is being treated by two aliens: the village doctor Ipana and his son Berry.

Who is dark mask King?

Xeno King Vegeta as the Dark-Masked King Dark-Masked King (暗黒仮面王, Ankoku Kamen-Ō) is a state taken on by Xeno King Vegeta when under Time Breaker mind control. In this state, he is the personification of Mechikabura’s magic power.