Who was Kobes main rival?

First of all, the two teams are the biggest rivals in basketball and because of that, the two best players on the two teams naturally have to become rivals. In 19 regular-season games, Kobe barely has more points per game than Pierce, leading him 26.7 to 25.2.

Who is Kobe Bryant biggest rival?

One of Kobe Bryant’s fiercest NBA rivals, Raja Bell, reflects on rivalry with late Lakers legend. Like many players from the 1990s and 2000s, Raja Bell had his fair share of battles with Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

Who beat Kobe Bryant?

Devin Booker channeled Kobe Bryant when scoring 47 points to beat Lakers. Lakers forward Anthony Davis defends as Suns guard Devin Booker drives on Thursday at Staples Center. It wasn’t a Lakers player who exemplified Kobe Bryant’s “Mamba mentality” in Game 6 of a first-round playoff series Thursday night.

Who did Kobe play against in his last game?

And, to round out the storybook ending, Bryant led the Lakers to a 101-96 victory against the Utah Jazz in his 1,346th and final regular-season game, punctuating a season-long farewell tour with a performance that even he couldn’t fathom.

Did Kobe ever lose in the first round?

Kobe Bryant lost in Game 3 of the 1997 First Round versus the Trail Blazers on April 30, 1997. Not what you’re looking for?

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Did Kobe retire mid season?

Citing physical decline, Bryant retired after the 2015–16 season. The all-time leading scorer in Lakers history, Bryant was the first guard in NBA history to play 20 seasons.

What was the most points Kobe scored in a game?

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant put up 81 points to power a comeback victory over the Toronto Raptors in January 2006.

How many points did Kobe score before he retired?

Kobe Bryant’s 60-point final game, through the eyes of those who were there.

Who won the 2020 NBA championship?