Who was Sadao Why was he allowed to stay back in Japan during the war?

Thus, all the doctors were called upon to serve the Japanese army. However, they allowed Sadao to stay back. It was because he was tending to the old General who was on his death bed. However, one night, an incident changes his life.

Why was Sadao asked to stay back in Japan?

Sadao was a famous surgeon and scientist. … The old General of Japan had full faith in his abilities as a surgeon. He did not believe any other doctor. He was not keeping good health and could require a surgery any time, so Sadao was not sent with the troops abroad.

Why was Dr Sadao held back in nation while other doctors were sent to the war front?

Even though the Second World War was in progress and a doctor of the caliber of Dr Sadao would have proved to be a blessing for the wounded soldiers on the front, he was retained in Japan because he was indispensable for the General’s health and well-being.

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Who was Sadao in the enemy?

Dr. Sadao Hoki was a famous Japanese surgeon and scientist. He was famous for his art of healing the wounds. He went to America for learning surgery and medicine.

Why was Sadao not sent to the battle field?

Sadao was not sent to the battlefield for two reasons: (i) He was working on a discovery which would render wounds entirely clean. (ii) The General was in a condition where he might need an emergency operation. He could only trust Sadao as his surgeon.

Why did the servant refuse help?

When the soldier was brought home, she helped her husband in his treatment. The domestic staff refused to cooperate and threatened to report the matter to the police as Japan was at war with America at that time. Further, sheltering an enemy was illegal and punishable. They wanted the white man to die.

What was Sadao’s father’s dream for him?

The dream of Sadao’s father for him actually was to bring him the high quality education and so that Sadao was successfully sent to America for studying the medicine and surgery. When it comes to sadao, he actually realized the dream of his father by becoming the most popular scientist and also surgeon.

Why did Dr Sadao help the American soldier to escape How did he do it?

Dr. Sadao helped and offered treatment to the American soldier of war. This was because he was a doctor and had taken oath for saving lives. … Sadao prompted the soldier to escape in a fishing boat with no flashlight and ensured the American’s safe and secure departure.

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How did Dr Sadao get rid of the American soldier?

Sadao got no flash of light in the twilight. So the soldier had safely boarded the Korean fishing boat. Thus Dr. Sadao was able to get rid of the soldier.

What kind of person was Dr Sadao’s father?

In life, Sadao’s father was a Japanese nationalist who believed firmly in racial purity—Sadao could only marry Hana if she was purely Japanese.

Why is Sadao your hero?

Dr. Sadao Hoki is the protagonist of the story and Hana’s husband. … However, the story suggests that the reason he helped the prisoner of war—putting his and his household’s safety on the line in doing so—is because of the latent human impulse to be good and kind.

Why did Sadao marry a Japanese girl?

Answer: Sadao’s father was a Japanese and he never used any foreign things. His father’s room is full of Japanese stuffs. … Hence, Sadao married a Japanese girl only.

At what age did Sadao come back to Japan?

Sadao knew that his education was his father’s chief concern. For this reason he had been sent at twenty-two to America to learn all that could be learned of surgery and medicine. He had come back at thirty, and before his father died he had seen Sadao become famous not only as a surgeon but as a scientist.

Why did Yumi not washed the soldier?

When Hana asked Yumi to wash the soldier, she bluntly refused to do so, saying that she had never washed a white man and she would not wash a dirty one. Yumi obstinately told Hana that she was a poor person and did not want to associate with the man.

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At what age doctor Sada went to America?

Dr. Sadao Hoki was sent to America by his father at the age of twenty-two to learn surgery and medicine. He had come back at the age of thirty and before his father died, he had seen Sadao become a famous surgeon and scientist.

Why did Sadao go to America?

Sadao Hoki went to America to study surgery and medicine as it was the wish of his father. His experience of living in America was not very good but he was grateful to have some good professors who taught him so well.