Who writes BTS Japanese songs?

In true hip-hop mixtape culture, the members are introduced by the producer of the track, Japanese artist KM-MARKIT. He also has a writing credit together with Pdogg and BTS’s three rappers. That SUGA, RM, and j-hope, were writing and rapping in Japanese at only 21, 20, and 20 years old respectively, is admirable.

Why are there Japanese versions of BTS songs?

In the case of K-pop, artists also make Japanese versions of their songs because Japan represents a bigger market than Korea. And songs in Japanese are more popular (src: x, x). The same applies to China. BTS Japanese discography works a bit differently from their Korean one.

What are the Japanese version of BTS songs?

The album will have 23 songs

  • “Film out”
  • “DNA -Japanese ver.”
  • “Best Of Me -Japanese ver. -“
  • “Lights”
  • “Blood Sweat & Tears -Japanese ver. -“
  • “Fake Love -Japanese ver. -“
  • “Black Swan -Japanese ver. -“
  • “Airplane pt. 2 -Japanese ver. -“

Why do K-pop songs have Japanese versions?

Japan is a potential market for Korean artists to get fame. Also, it is really close to their own country. Japanese like k-pop music and not all of them understand the lyrics. So, the Japanese versions of the songs help them connect to their idols and appreciate the beauty of the music more.

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Why does BTS have Japanese albums?

Originally Answered: Why does BTS always make an additional Japanese album? Simply to cater to the Japanese fans and production. Simply to cater to the Japanese fans and production. If you observe carefully you will notice that almost every kpop group or artist have ventured into a Japanese album.

Do BTS write their Japanese songs?

They usually make songs in their country’s language, Korean, because they are comfortable singing on the same, they are not very fluent in English.

Can BTS speak Japanese?

Yes. BTS members are fluent in Japanese but some more than others.

Is Stay Gold BTS in Japanese?

Record-breaking Korean group BTS continue to soar with their latest Japanese single Stay Gold. … The eloquent single is the first to come off BTS’s fourth Japanese studio album Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~ , which will be released on July 15.

Who is fluent in Japanese in BTS?

Although he is not fluent, Jimin can also speak Japanese well, often singing in the language for BTS songs.

Why is BTS making so many English songs?

In an interview with USA Today, the group said the decision to perform an English song was related to the COVID-19 pandemic. “This is a situation that everybody else around the world is facing, so we just started to explore what can we do right now, what can we really good?” said Suga.

Do K-Pop groups know Japanese?

It is not unusual to see K-Pop idols taking Japanese lessons since their career often requires them to tour and give concerts in Japan where the popularity of K-Pop is always thriving. So naturally, the majority of K-Pop idols know how to speak the language to some degree, with some being quite fluent as well.

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Is Korean and Japanese similar?

The geographically close Japanese and Korean languages share considerable similarity in typological features of their syntax and morphology while having a small number of lexical resemblances and different native scripts, although a common denominator is the presence of Chinese characters, where kanji are part of …

Why is J-Pop not popular?

The industry isn’t targeted to an international audience

One of the biggest reasons that J-Pop is nowhere near as popular as K-Pop is because the Japanese music industry as a whole has very little to no international investment.

Do BTS sing in Korean or Japanese?

The music group BTS mainly sing in Korean language as it is a Korean group . but there are of Japanese English and other versions of their songs. Such as – mic drop has three versions (Korean, Japanese and English) . Again they have released a English playlist named face yourself.

Is BTS big in Japan?

BTS are officially million-sellers in Japan! Their compilation album BTS, THE BEST has sold over 1 million copies by 24 September 2021, according to Billboard Japan.

Is Korea in Japan?

Korea is a region in East Asia. … It is separated from Japan to the east by the Korea Strait and the Sea of Japan (East Sea). During the first half of the 1st millennium, Korea was divided between three states, Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla, together known as the Three Kingdoms of Korea.