Why do kpop idols learn Japanese?

Since Japan is very close to Korea, and many Japanese love Kpop, many Kpop idols go to Japan for concerts, fan meeting, etc. They need to know Japanese in order to communicate with fans.

Do kpop idols have to learn Japanese?

If you are applying to a larger company, if you debut, learning Japanese would be helpful. Idol groups usually have Japanese versions of their songs and tour in Japan. Most idols are not fluent in Japanese since the only Japanese words they need to really know are their lyrics and basic conversational ones as well.

Why do kpop idols make Japanese versions?

Japan is a potential market for Korean artists to get fame. Also, it is really close to their own country. Japanese like k-pop music and not all of them understand the lyrics. So, the Japanese versions of the songs help them connect to their idols and appreciate the beauty of the music more.

Why do K-Pop songs have Japanese versions?

One of the closest country to SK in Japan, and as not many Japanese speak Korean, they don’t really understand the K-pop songs. So in order to attract fanbase, popularity, advertisement and many more they promote by using Japanese version of their song.

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What languages do kpop idols have to learn?

In global K-Pop market, not only English, but also other languages like Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and French are strongly needed. For this reason, Some of 10 idols here were trained to learn a new language for several years in order to have activities abroad.

Do Japanese listen to Kpop?

But the popularity of Korean culture and K-pop music is on the rise in Japan, with many fans and artists saying they are not bothered by the diplomatic tension. … The three Japanese members of the girl band Twice helped make the group the second most popular act in Japan, after BTS.

Is IU fluent in Japanese?

IU- She seems to have learned Japanese only through a textbook and not by actual conversation application. … She speaks fluent Japanese like one of those rich girls who came from overseas.

Why do BTS have Japanese albums?

They produce Japanese versions because they have almost the same amount of fans in Japan compared to the U.S. They are also more comfortable with that language, since it’s an Asian language.

Does ITZY have Japanese songs?

ITZY are all set to make their Japanese debut this December. In a tweet, the ‘LOCO’ act shared the music video for the Japanese version of their hit track ‘Wannabe,’ along with the news of their Japanese album.

Do Japanese Blackpink sing?

they sing in korean, english, and japanese. most of their songs they sing in korean which may have some english included in them. they also make japanese versions to their songs with english raps.

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Why do BTS make Japanese versions?

In the case of K-pop, artists also make Japanese versions of their songs because Japan represents a bigger market than Korea. … BTS Japanese discography works a bit differently from their Korean one. Most of the tracks are a Japanese version of their Korean songs, with the same music and translated/different lyrics.

Can BTS speak Japanese?

Yes. BTS members are fluent in Japanese but some more than others.

Can Jennie speak Japanese?

Jennie (Full Name: Kim Jennie), 23

Jennie lived in New Zealand for a period before moving back to South Korea in 2010, and speaks fluent English in addition to Korean and Japanese.

Can Blackpink speak Japanese?

Jisoo can speak Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. Lisa can speak fluent Korean, Thai and English.