Why does mutsuki hate Touka?

Mutsuki harbors a grudge for Touka due to his feelings of love towards Sasaki.

Why did mutsuki go crazy?

Mutsuki’s descent into insanity. After his torturous experience with the ghoul, Karao Saeki, Mutsuki fell into complete insanity. His love for Haise Sasaki transformed into an unhealthy obsession for him. … He has even gone far to say that as long as Sasaki is with no one, he doesn’t care what happens.

Was mutsuki abused?

Tooru Mutsuki

He abused his daughter for harboring no respect toward him, until he eventually forced her into submitting, making her praise him as the best father. This twisted father-and-child relationship seems to have impacted Tooru’s life style greatly and may explain some certain aspects of her/his behavior.

Why does Ayato hate Touka?

Touka Kirishima

However, as he got older, Ayato spent less and less time at her side, and with that, he became often irritated with her and her constant worry. When Touka began to attend school, he hated hearing about her time with humans and so he left. Ayato is very apprehensive about his true feelings towards Touka.

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Who tries to kill Touka?

So, you can understand why readers are none too happy that Tooru Mutsuki just tried to kill Touka. Over in Japan, the most recent chapter of Tokyo Ghoul:re just went live, and the update did not go well for Mutsuki.

Did Urie like Mutsuki?

After this conversation, Urie closed himself again. When a battle took place between Mutsuki and Urie, which ended with Mutsuki trying to commit suicide with the words that he does not deserve to live. He is stopped by Urie and Tooru. Kuki says that he loves him, just like Saiko, Shirazu, and the rest of the Qs.

What did torso do Mutsuki?

Torso kidnapped Mutsuki and held him in a pit he claimed was their secret home. He told Mutsuki that they were going to get married and spoke cryptically about how they had the same eyes and being strangely drawn to him. While Mutsuki struggled, Torso showed him the limbs he severed off him while he was unconscious.

Why is torso obsessed with Toru?

He became obsessed with Mutsuki because he found someone who he felt a kinship with, and is using Mutsuki as a do over for what happened to Minomi, without completely replacing her, because he still thinks of Minomi but is bring Mutsuki to the ocean.

What chapter does kaneki get tortured?

Chapter 61 | Tokyo Ghoul Wiki | Fandom.

Who is Mutsuki father?

It’s because Tsukiyama wants to eat kaneki. He behaves hilariously smelling Ken’s blood on his handkerchief, nearly straving himself to death thinking about kaneki..he ‘loves’ kaneki because of his ‘meat’. (he’s a half ghoul afterall ;)) He wishes to enjoy kaneki all by himself.

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Does Ayato like Hinami?

In the last chapter of the manga, it seems that Hinami and Ayato have a friendly relationship, showing that she enjoys to pick on him for going to visit his niece.

Does Touka hate Kaneki?

When Touka first begins interacting with Kaneki, she dislikes him immensely. She had initially tried to help him, thinking he was a ghoul like she was. … This starts her initial dislike of him – as Touka has always had something of a complex about being a “monstrous” ghoul.

How old is Hinami in Tokyo ghoul?

Hinami is a 13 to 14-year-old ghoul that came to the 20th ward with her mother after her father was killed by ghoul investigators.

Why is Touka’s Kagune incomplete?


The reason why Ghouls are not supposed to allow their Kagnue to be released when they’re young is that they can’t properly control it, or hold the power that the kagune has. While it may not have seemed like a smart move, it was actually a selfless act.

What episode does Touka kiss kaneki?

Episode 19 | Tokyo Ghoul Wiki | Fandom.