Why is Japanese album expensive?

Why are Japanese albums more expensive?

But why are Japanese CDs so much more expensive? One reason is that the distribution chain of CDs in Japan involves many middlemen, which drives up the cost of production.

Why does Japan have special albums?

According to a friend who runs a small record label that occasionally does business in Japan: it’s because it is invariably cheaper for Japanese buyers to import CDs rather than purchase them in their local record store. The extra tracks are there to provide an incentive for buying the domestic version.

How much is BTS Japanese album?

HOW TO BUY THE ALBUM. BTS, THE BEST will be available in several editions ranging from JPY 2,970 (approx. USD 27) to JPY 5,500 (USD 50). Reservations via BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL SHOP begin on 26 March, 12 AM JST/KST.

Why does BTS make Japanese albums?

In the case of K-pop, artists also make Japanese versions of their songs because Japan represents a bigger market than Korea. … BTS Japanese discography works a bit differently from their Korean one. Most of the tracks are a Japanese version of their Korean songs, with the same music and translated/different lyrics.

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Why do Japan CDs sound better?

Well, in the case of two of the new disc technologies, it’s largely down to materials. … The combination of greater transparency in the clear material and a more reflective layer means more light is bounced back from the disc to the optical pickup, making it possible to read the disc more accurately.

How much is a cd in Japan?

Keeping things as they are. The popularity of CDs in Japan has nothing to do with cheapness. At around ¥2,500-¥3,000, or $23-$29, the average CD album costs more than double the price in most countries.

Why does Japan get bonus tracks Reddit?

Why do Japanese editions of rock & metal albums always have extra bonus tracks? it is cheaper to import albums to Japan than to manufacture and sell them on Japanese media. therefore bonus tracks, special artwork, or whatever else is added to the Japanese release to incentivize fans to buy domestic.

Why do artists have bonus tracks?

Bonus tracks in today’s era are chiefly added as “exclusives” for particular retailers. The extra track entices buyers to purchase from them. In return, the label receives additional exposure and promotion for the release. Ironically, the label (specifically the artist, per their contract) pays for this.

Why do albums have bonus tracks?

Bonus Tracks are songs that are included as an extra when buying an album or EP. These are often used as an incentive for a fan to buy a whole album, rather than buying individual tracks. Bonus tracks are usually listed as tracks on the album, and there is generally no silence in between the tracks.

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Can BTS speak Japanese?

Yes. BTS members are fluent in Japanese but some more than others.

Why do BTS make Japanese versions?

They produce Japanese versions because they have almost the same amount of fans in Japan compared to the U.S. They are also more comfortable with that language, since it’s an Asian language.

Which day is BTS Army Day?

More Stories by Heran Mamo. Happy eighth birthday to the BTS ARMY! To kick off their fans’ special day on Friday (July 9) from Korea, the K-pop supergroup set the mood just right by curating a seven-track playlist featuring a solo song by each member.

Is RM fluent in Japanese?

RM of BTS is fluent in English

It’s no surprise that the leader of BTS, RM, is fluent in English. During an interview on The Ellen Show, the BTS member explained that he learned the language when he was younger, watching the famous sitcom Friends. … Additionally, according to fans on Quora, RM speaks Japanese very well.

Is Korean and Japanese similar?

The geographically close Japanese and Korean languages share considerable similarity in typological features of their syntax and morphology while having a small number of lexical resemblances and different native scripts, although a common denominator is the presence of Chinese characters, where kanji are part of …

Do BTS sing in Korean or Japanese?

The music group BTS mainly sing in Korean language as it is a Korean group . but there are of Japanese English and other versions of their songs. Such as – mic drop has three versions (Korean, Japanese and English) . Again they have released a English playlist named face yourself.

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