Why is Tokyo Ghoul 18?

But for the manga, it’s strictly for readers who are 18+ since the gore is more detailed and the plot is sensibly in-depth compared to the anime.

Can a 12 year old watch Tokyo ghoul?

Originally Answered: Is Tokyo Ghoul appropriate for 11-12-year-old kids? It’s definitely not appropriate for kids because it’s very gory not to mean the use of foul language and depression of the series.

Is Tokyo Revengers ok for 11 year olds?

Is Tokyo Revengers okay for 11 Year Olds? This show can be kind of intense and some of the themes might be deemed inappropriate by some parents. Themes such as gang violence, blood, suicide and death all surrounding what are basically children may not be for everyone.

Why is Tokyo Ghoul rated Mature?

Tokyo Ghoul is not for kids. The series is rated TV-MA. This rating means it is a show for adults and may contain violence and nudity.

Can a mature 11 year old watch Tokyo ghoul?

No.. Tokyo Ghoul is full of physical and psychological violence and torture. It is of horror genre so blood and guts splatter all around. The character Tsukiyama is also not a very good example for kids.

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What age rating is AOT?

Attack on Titan (or Aot for short) is a pg-13 rated anime in my country (last checked) known for its violence and constant gore (though not as bad as some animes I’ve watched).

Can a 12 year old watch my hero academia?

Being a shounen, it is intended for a younger audience. The shounen genre primarily aims for children under the age of fifteen. … Language and some profanity that might not be suitable for younger kids should be expected as well. However, My Hero Academia is a show with heart-filled lessons for viewers of all ages.

Why is Sword Art Online a 15?

Includes violent scenes, including some of a sexual nature. One of the things that first strikes you when you come across the latest collection of SAO is the rating: 18. … A look at the cover shows that the BBFC have ruled that the series: “Contains sexual violence, strong violence.”

Is assassination classroom a PG?

“Assassination Classroom” is rated PG-13 – Teens 13 or older.

What is Kakegurui age rating?

Kakegurui is a 14+ anime, very NSFW and not for kids. It has sexual elements and your 10 year old shouldnt watch it. The anime also has guns, cursing, and heavy gambling.

What is Tokyo Ghoul re rating?

Tokyo Ghoul except everything that was good is bad. As a fan of the first two seasons I can’t see this season as anything other than a massive failure and disappointment. Very tiny spoiler: Haise is Kaneki.


Overall 8
Animation 7
Sound 9
Character 8
Enjoyment 7

Is Tokyo Ghoul appropriate for a 13 year old?

13 is definitely not young for it. As a 13 yr old who has read the entire manga, though it is gory and violent should be fine for an early teenager.

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Is Tokyo Ghoul appropriate for a 14 year old?

Tokyo Ghoul is fully appropriate for older teenagers and adults, there is absolutely no dilemma there. The majority of the content is graphic and violent enough, and is clearly focused on young adult-related issues.

Does Tokyo Ghoul have Gore?

Definitely . The story will eave you shocked at many points . It is already very brutal and thus uncomfortable for some viewers . I do not have much problem with blood and gore and I rarely get depressed by watching anime .