Why were Hana and Sadao different from other Japanese?

Dr. Sadao and his wife Hana were different from other Japanese because Dr. Sadao decided to prioritise his duty as a doctor over patriotism and his wife supported him throughout.

Why is it we Cannot see clearly what we ought to do why are we different from other Japanese identify the speaker?

Dr Sadao Hoki was an eminent Japanese surgeon and scientist. He had spent eight valuable years of his youth in America to learn all that could be learnt of surgery and medicine there. He was perfecting a discovery which would render wounds entirely clean.

Why are we different from other Japanese Why did Hana say so?

Answer: They were definitely different from the other Japanese because they had not given up their humanity, especially Dr. Sadao who had not forgotten a physician’s duty, despite facing the chance of being condemned as a traitor.

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Why are so different from other Japanese This was said by?

Hana felt that this was unlike what other Japanese would have done had they been in Dr. Sadao and Hana’s place. They were definitely different from the other Japanese because they had not given up their humanity, especially Dr.

Why is Dr Sadao’s reputation as a Japanese citizen at stake?

As a Japanese citizen, he fulfilled his duty by telling the General about the American. Even though the General forgot to send his assassins, Sadao could not be blamed for the American escape. Thus we can say that Sadao carried out his responsibilities, as a doctor, and as a Japanese citizen both.

Who was Hana What did she notice coming out of the mist?

Answer: Hana and Sadao saw something black come out of the mists. It turned out to be a man, as if flung up of the ocean, staggering a few steps, his body outline against the mist and arms above his head.

Why did the speaker refuse to wash the white man?

The gardener and the cook were frightened that their master was going to heal the wound of a white man—an enemy. They felt that after being cured he (the white man) will take revenge on the Japanese. Yumi, the maid, was also frightened. She refused to wash the white man.

Why did Sadao marry a Japanese girl only?

Answer: Sadao’s father was a Japanese and he never used any foreign things. His father’s room is full of Japanese stuffs. … Hence, Sadao married a Japanese girl only.

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Why did the messenger come to Sadao?

Answer: The messenger had come to Dr Sadao’s house to inform him that the old General was in pain again and had to be attended to. When Hana first saw the uniformed messenger, she got frightened, for she thought that he had come to arrest her husband for harbouring an enemy in their hou$e.

At what age Sadao went to America?

Dr. Sadao Hoki was sent to America by his father at the age of twenty-two to learn surgery and medicine. He had come back at the age of thirty and before his father died, he had seen Sadao become a famous surgeon and scientist.

Why does Hana think that she had nothing to do with American?

Hana thought they had nothing to do with the Americans as they were an enemy of Japan. Explanation: Hanna and Dr Sadao were Japanese.

How did Hana help Dr Sadao *?

Answer: Hana helped Dr Sadao by carrying the wounded American Soldier to the house. She washed man’s body and assisted Dr Sadao in the operation by administering anesthetic yo the patient.

Why was Dr Sadao not sent to the battlefield?

Dr. Sadao was a skilled and reputed surgeon who was in the process of perfecting an invention of rendering wounds totally clean. Moreover, he was treating the old General who could need an operation. So he was not sent to the battlefield as his valuable services could be needed at any time in his hometown.

Why did the servants abandon Dr Sadao’s household?

The servants decided to leave Sadao’s house as the felt that their lives were in danger because of nursing a prisoner of war in the house. They were already so poor that they didn’t wanted to get into trouble with the authorities.

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How does Dr Sadao come out as a true Japanese?

Yes, Dr Sadao was a patriotic Japanese as well as a dedicated surgeon too . At one side as a doctor and being a human he did the treatment of the white man who was his enemy . Before being a Japanese he was a human and for him saving a man’s life was more important than leaving him to die.

Why did the servants leave Dr Sadao’s house?

The servants left Dr. Sadao’s house as they felt that Dr. Sadao did an unpatriotic thing by keeping the white man at his house and operating and treating on him to save his life, which they thought to be an inclination towards the American soldier due to the reason that he had studied in America.