Are there English doctors in Japan?

Thankfully, the number of clinics that have English-speaking doctors available has grown in the past couple decades. Most doctors in Japan have a basic understanding of English, which can be quite helpful- whether they can communicate with you fully, is a different matter, though.

Can you be an English doctor in Japan?

Finding jobs as a doctor

Private practitioners, especially when it comes to psychiatry, are few and far between in the country. … That being said, there is also a small demand for English speaking doctors across hospitals in Japan, especially in major cities, so you can be on the lookout for that.

Can UK doctors work in Japan?

British physicians with a Japanese medical licence are allowed to treat non-Japanese patients who use private health insurance. … According to the British Embassy Tokyo, there are only five British doctors working in Japan, compared with 58 Japanese doctors working in the UK.

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Are there English hospitals in Japan?

The ENS (Emergency Medical Services) in Tokyo by Tokyo Fire Department provides the service in English.

Is there a shortage of doctors in Japan?

Japan ranks 26th among the 29 member states, with the average number of doctors being a little less than 200. “There are 260,000 medical doctors in Japan. There should be 380,000 to reach the average level of the OECD nations. We have the shortage of as many as 120,000 doctors (Table 1).

Is it hard to be a foreign doctor in Japan?

You must obtain the Japanese certification, which is apparently extremely difficult to pass. Non-certified doctors can have the authorization to assist certified doctors in some circumstances, but the legal process to go through is, according to a few articles I found online, quite heavy and complicated.

How long is med school in Japan?

The standard Japanese undergraduate medical education program is six years long. Typically, there are four years of preclinical education and then two years of clinical education. High school graduates are eligible to enter medical school.

How much do doctors in Japan make?

According to a survey conducted in 2019, medical doctors employed at hospitals belonging to medical corporations in Japan earned the highest average amount of approximately 16.4 million Japanese yen in fiscal year 2018, of which around 15.74 million yen was from an annual regular salary.

Can a US doctor practice in Japan?

Currently, doctors from the U.S., the U.K., France and Singapore can practice in Japan without a Japanese medical license under bilateral agreements with those nations, but they can only see patients of their own nationality. … Luke’s MediLocus in Chiyoda Ward, will each hire an American doctor.

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How many hours a week do doctors work in Japan?

Japanese doctors work very long hours. Over 40 percent of Japanese hospital doctors work more than 60 hours per week5).

Where can I find an English speaking doctor in Japan?

CLINICS with English-Speaking Doctors

  1. American Clinic Tokyo. …
  2. Hiroo International Clinic. …
  3. Roppongi Hills Clinic. …
  4. Miwa Medical Clinic. …
  5. Tokyo Medical & Surgical Clinic. …
  6. Jingumae Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist. …
  7. Oi Clinic. …
  8. Japanese Red Cross Medical Center.

What is the best care hospital in Japan?

Best Hospitals – Japan

Rank Hospital City Score
1 The University of Tokyo Hospital Tokyo 98.2
2 St. Luke’s International Hospital Tokyo 96.4
3 Kurashiki Central Hospital Kurashiki 94.7
4 Kyoto University Hospital Kyoto 94.7

How does Japanese healthcare work?

Japan’s statutory health insurance system provides universal coverage. … Benefits include hospital, primary, specialty, and mental health care, as well as prescription drugs. In addition to premiums, citizens pay 30 percent coinsurance for most services, and some copayments.

How many hours do doctors in Japan work?

Resident physicians in Japan worked approximately 80 h per week. Working for more than 80 h per week was as- sociated with a significantly higher risk of developing de- pression. It is important to limit the total number of working hours per week to 80 in order to maintain the health of resident physicians.

How much do doctors work in Japan?

I know very well a doctor that has several private clinics and volunteers at the public university hospital. General average annual salary in Japan is around 5–6m yen. Doctor is around 11m and if you own your own clinic, it is around 22–24m. If you work at a public hospital, it is much lower.

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How many doctors are in Tokyo?


Rank Prefectures Number of Physicians
per 1000 Population
1 Tokushima 3.47
2 Kyoto 3.41
3 Tokyo 3.28