Can Jennie speak Japanese?

Jennie lived in New Zealand for a period before moving back to South Korea in 2010, and speaks fluent English in addition to Korean and Japanese.

Can Blackpink speak Japanese?

Jisoo can speak Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. Lisa can speak fluent Korean, Thai and English.

What languages can Jennie speak?

Other facts: Jennie speaks Korean, English and Japanese, and was sent to study in New Zealand in 2005 when she was nine-years-old. She’s often called the Princess of YG.

How many languages can Blackpink speak?

After moving to South Korea to start training, Lisa learned Korea. Prior to her debut, she picked up both English and Japanese, making that four languages the K-pop idol can speak.

How does Jennie know English?

Jennie was born in South Korea and went on a trip to New Zealand when she was 9. According to Koreaboo, Jennie’s mother, then, allowed her to come back to New Zealand a year later to study. … As a result, Jennie can speak English fluently and is capable of expressing most of her thoughts in English.

Who is Japanese in Blackpink?

Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé all speak fluent Japanese as well. Jisoo speaks Chinese, too, while Lisa speaks Thai. Collectively, this means that members of the band speak five languages total — more than most languages offered at the average American high school, for sure.

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How many languages can Kim Taehyung speak?

The popular “Permission to dance” singer speaks two languages ​​other than his native Korean. Kim Taehyung was born and formed his professional career as a trainee in South Korea.

Is Jennie fluent in English?

Jennie was born in South Korea, but lived in New Zealand for a period of time. She studied there, she also is fluent in English in addition to Korean and Japanese. Lisa was born in Thailand, and later moved to South Korea.

Does Blackpink Jennie speak French?

Personal life. Jennie speaks fluent Korean and English along with basic Japanese. She also learned to speak some French.

Who speaks English best in Blackpink?

Three out of four Blackpink members can speak English very fluently; Jennie, Rose, and Lisa. Jisoo doesn’t speak English, but can understand the language quite clearly and sometimes writes her Instagram captions in English.

What languages does Lisa speak?

Rosé can now speak Korean and English fluently

Because Rosé used English daily in school and with friends, she became more fluent at it than Korean. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, when she came to South Korea as a teenager for K-pop idol training, she had to take lessons in the Korean language.

Can Twice speak Japanese?

Having said that, it does help that 3 TWICE members are Japanese! … While the three members can speak fluent Japanese, TWICE’s Japanese album features Japanese versions of their original Korean songs, thus the girls have found it difficult to adapt and adjust between Japanese and Korean for their songs.

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Who joined Blackpink third?

On June 15, Jisoo was revealed to be the new group’s third member.