Do all Hololive members know Japanese?

Do all Hololive en members know Japanese?

All of the members of Hololive English either speak Japanese or are in the process of learning it.

Does Gura know Japanese?

Gura amazed viewers in her debut by singing “Ride on Time” by Tatsuro Yamashita, impressing them with her singing skill, music taste, and flawless Japanese pronunciation (despite not actually being fluent in Japanese). This is the origin of her nickname “City Pop Shark.”

Does Kiara speak Japanese?

Kiara is multilingual, speaking English, Japanese, German (native speaker), and “Bird”. She has stated that her English is not perfect, and has corrected Mori Calliope’s Japanese. She has also promised to do some Japanese only streams.

Are Hololive Japanese?

Hololive Production (Japanese: ホロライブプロダクション, stylized in lowercase) is a virtual YouTuber (VTuber) talent agency owned by Japanese tech entertainment company Cover Corporation.

What language does Gawr Gura speak?

Pronunciation is usually unrefined. The idol may be capable of speaking or understanding said language but often reverts to their native language if they cannot find the right words.


Idol Current Implied Level Learning?
Ninomae Ina’nis Commutable O
Gawr Gura Below Average O
Watson Amelia Basic O
IRyS Native X

How old is Gura Gawr IRL?

Gura is over 9,000 years old. She forgot her exact age some time around 5,000s, and when asked gives a random number in the 9,000s range.

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Do you have to speak Japanese to be in Hololive?

Fun trivia: while Hololive does ask if an auditioning talent can speak / understand Japanese, it is optional.

Is Kiryu Coco Japanese?

Kiryu Coco (桐生ココ) was a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, debuting as part of its fourth generation of VTubers alongside Tsunomaki Watame, Tokoyami Towa, Amane Kanata and Himemori Luna.

Is Mori Calliope Japanese?

Mori Calliope is an English speaking VTuber with some Japanese fluency from Hololive English that immediately became popular after her debut, which included the release of her first original song, “Excuse My Rudeness, But Could You Please RIP?”, which has over 17.5 million views as of April 2021.

Is Calli Japanese?

announced that the spelling of Calli’s name in Japanese was officially changed from 「森美声」 to 「森カリオペ」, using katakana to spell “Calliope” rather than kanji. Calli had already used this spelling for some time, including in her logo, Twitter biography among others, and is more commonly used across Japanese community.

Can a male join Hololive?

Holostars (ホロスターズ), is a male-only Virtual YouTuber agency established by Cover Corp. Auditions for the first batch began on May 27, 2019, and the group initially debuted with 3 members.