How do you use Tabemasu in Japanese?

What is the TE form of Tabemasu?

For an example, a verb meaning “to eat” is TABEMASU. Its TE-form is TABETE. So, TABETE KUDASAI means “Please eat.”

How do you use Mimasu in a sentence?

Watashi wa terebi o mimasu. I (will) watch TV. Susan-san wa sakkaa o mimasen.

What is Nomimasu in Japanese?

to drink / to take medicine.

What is Hairimasu?

And “To get under or to enter,” HAIRIMASU, becomes HAIRINASAI (Please get under, or Please enter).

What is Aimasu?

Can I meet you tomorrow afternoon?

What is Yomimasu in Japanese?

Yomimasu- It means to read. It is the masu for of the verb you which means to read.

What is Terebi in Japanese?

Definition: 意味

television; TV​ Learn Japanese vocabulary: テレビ (terebi). Meaning: television; TV​. Type: Noun, Katakana.

What is Eiga in Japanese?

flourish, prosperity, honor, glory, splendor. 華

What is Temiru in Japanese?

1. Describe experiment, experiment something.

How do you use Kaerimasu?

Where are you going?

  1. ikimasu & kaerimasu”to go” & “to return”
  2. Ikimasu, “to go”, and kaerimasu, “to return”, are verbs. These verbs come at the end of a sentence and conjugate to indicate the present tense or the past tense as well as the affirmative form or the negative form.
  3. Densha de ikimasu”to go by train”
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What is nonde in Japanese?

When you have just begun to study Japanese, learning verbs may seem very easy. … However, when you proceed in studying Japanese, there are various forms such as “nomu”, “nomanai”, “nonde”, where the unchanged part is only “nom” (in case of “nonde”, only “no”). It is so difficult to learn so many changes!

What is Nomimono in Japanese?

The Japanese word for beverages or drinks is 飲み物 (nomimono). ★ 飲む (nomu) is the verb drink, and 物 (mono) means thing. So, nomimono means: thing that you drink, or simply, a drink.