How many times did Michael Jordan play Kobe Bryant?

With only six years of overlap between the two, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan faced each other a total of 8 times. Bryant won five of those matchups, going 2-2 when Jordan was with the Bulls and 3-1 against the Wizards.

Did Kobe and Jordan ever play one on one?

Michael Jordan And Kobe Bryant Once Played A Mental Game Of One-On-One Over Dinner. … Armstrong, who won three NBA championships with the Bulls alongside Jordan from 1991-93, discussed what he witnessed that evening with Hall of Fame photographer Andrew Bernstein on his podcast for the Los Angeles Times, Legends of Sport …

How old was Michael Jordan when he first played against Kobe?

The Michael vs. Kobe storyline started before the game did, even though one of them was near his 35th birthday and the other only 19 years old.

Did Kobe Bryant break any of Michael Jordan’s records?

NBA lookback: Kobe Bryant breaks Michael Jordan’s NBA All-Star Game scoring record. … 27, 2012, Bryant passed Michael Jordan for most points scored in NBA All-Star Game history.

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Did Jordan ever play Kobe?

This is the detail of NBA games in which Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan played against each other, including head-to-head record, stats average, game highs and game-by-game data both in the Regular Season and Playoffs. They faced each other a total of 8 times in NBA games. … They never met in the Playoffs.

Did Kobe copy Jordan?

While Bryant might have been a dominant players of his time, he was never shy of accepting the fact that MJ indeed had a massive impact on his game. In an interview with ESPN, Bryant agreed to indeed taking inspiration from Jordan. Kobe said, “I studied every player.

What age did Michael Jordan retire?

At a press conference held at the Chicago Bulls’ practice facility on October 3, 1993, Michael Jordan announces his retirement from basketball at age 30. While he says he still loves the game of basketball, he cites lack of motivation and a desire to go out on a high note as the reasons behind his decision.

Who has more steals Kobe or Jordan?

Although they played 8 games against one another, they were part of different eras, with Jordan’s career spanning 1984 – 2003 (with several periods of retirement between 1993 and 2003) and Bryant’s career beginning in 1996.

Comparison chart.

Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan
Steals Per Game 1.5 2.3

What age did Jordan win his last ring?

Interpreted as:

Michael Jordan 1995-96 32
Michael Jordan 1992-93 29
Michael Jordan 1991-92 28
Michael Jordan 1990-91 27

How many seasons did Jordan play?

Because Michael Jordan played in 1,072 regular-season games in his 15-season career, and in case you’ve been under a rock or off Twitter for the past decade, the NBA world has been known to compare the two legends’ careers.

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Who is the most famous basketball player?

Michael Jordan is widely known as the game’s greatest player—and for good reason. “MJ” accomplished everything possible in the game, piling up on the stats and awards. On the game’s biggest stage—the NBA Finals—Jordan went a perfect 6-for-6, also sweeping Finals MVP in his appearances.

How many points did Kobe score on Michael Jordan?

This Day In Lakers History: Kobe Bryant Scores 33 Points In Showdown With Michael Jordan.

When did Kobe play with Jordan?

The Chicago Bulls’ Michael Jordan, left, guards the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant during the 1998 NBA All-Star game. Sunday night during the fifth episode of “The Last Dance,” we witness the seedlings of a powerful friendship between Michael Jordan and his closest doppelganger, Kobe Bryant.