What cities are popular with tourists in Japan?

What city is most visited in Japan?

Tokyo, the capital, is by far one of the most popular travel destinations in Japan. There is so much to see and do, you could spend a week just exploring its city centers of Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Ueno, and Ginza.

Where do most tourists go in Japan?

11 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Japan

  1. Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji. …
  2. Imperial Tokyo. Imperial Palace and Nijubashi Bridge. …
  3. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. …
  4. Historic Kyoto. …
  5. The Island Shrine of Itsukushima. …
  6. Temple City: Historic Nara. …
  7. Osaka Castle. …
  8. Chūbu-Sangaku National Park and the Japanese Alps.

What are the 5 most popular cities in Japan?

Major Urban Area of Japan

  1. Tokyo – 8,956,000. Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and it is by far the most populated city in the country. …
  2. Yokohama – 3,690,000. Yokohama is the second-largest city in Japan. …
  3. Osaka – 2,670,000. …
  4. Nagoya – 2,266,000. …
  5. Sapporo – 1,906,000. …
  6. Kobe – 1,544,000. …
  7. Fukuoka – 1,482,000. …
  8. Kyoto – 1,470,000.
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What is the most popular state in Japan?

Tokyo. Tokyo inarguably is Japan’s most well-known city. The Tokyo Metropolis is made up of 23 Special Wards, home to upwards of 35 million people.

What is the major city in Japan?

Tokyo is the largest city in Japan. In 1868, Tokyo replaced the old capital of Kyoto (just north of Osaka, the 2nd largest city in Japan). Tokyo (meaning ‘eastern capital’) was called Edo up until that time. It is located on the eastern side of the main island Honshū and contains more than 8 million residents.

How many cities are in Japan?

Japan has a total of 684 populated areas that are named as cities cities, while it also has 20 designated cities, 42 core cities and 40 special cities.

Is Osaka popular in Japan?

Osaka has helped to challenge Japan’s longstanding sense of racial and cultural identity. She has been enormously popular in Japan, and some online commenters voiced support for her on Tuesday.

How many tourists visit Japan?

In 2020, the number of foreign visitors traveling to Japan amounted to around 4.12 million, a sharp decrease from 31.88 million in the previous year. The majority of international visitors arrive from East Asian regions, with Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese visitors in the lead.

What are the 3 largest cities in Japan?

Big In Japan

City Name Maps and more… Inhabitants
Tokyo * Map of Tokyo 9 297 000
Yokohama Map of Yokohama 3 723 000
Osaka Map of Osaka 2 694 000
Nagoya Map of Nagoya 2 298 000
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Which city in Japan should I live?

If you’re up for Japanese pop culture and life in a city that never sleeps, Tokyo is the place to live in. Tokyo is also best for foreigners who are looking for jobs aside from teaching English. Meanwhile, for a modern Japanese life with a hint of tradition, moving to Osaka is the right decision.

What is the smallest city in Japan?

Utashinai (歌志内市, Utashinai-shi) is a city located in Sorachi Subprefecture, Hokkaido, Japan. It is Japan’s smallest city by population.


Utashinai 歌志内市
Time zone UTC+09:00 (JST)
City hall address 5, Aza Honchō, Utashinai-shi, Hokkaidō 073-0492
Website www.city.utashinai.hokkaido.jp