What does Gakusei desu ka mean?

What is gakusei desu in English?

I am English. (Watashi wa) gakusei desu. (I) am a student.

What is the meaning of Anata wa gakusei desu ka?

This phrase is used when you enter someone’s house or room, and in this situation, it means “Thank you”. This is also commonly used when you interrupt someone. In this situation, it means “Excuse me”. “Thank you” in Japanese, in general, is Arigatoo gozaimasu. Watashi wa gakusei desu.

What is junior high school in Japan?

Secondary education in Japan is split into junior high schools (中学校 chūgakkō), which cover the seventh through ninth grade, and senior high schools (高等学校 kōtōgakkō, abbreviated to 高校 kōkō), which mostly cover grades ten through twelve.

What is Kaishain in Japanese?

foreigner かいしゃ い ん kaishain office worker むしょく mushoku View in context.

What is Ja Arimasen?

Genki dewa (ja) arimasen.: I’m not well. “ja arimasen” sounds more casual, and is used more in daily conversation. Informal: Genki? Understand? Do you understand?

What does desu mean in anime?

What does desu mean? Desu is a polite Japanese linking verb meaning “to be” as well other forms of the verb. Western fans of anime and manga sometimes add it to the end of sentences to sound cute and imitate Japanese.

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Do Japanese high schools have prom?

there are parties, dances, and other things to celebrate “something” end of the year, seasonal… as Japan doesn’t have proms and other school dances there are festivals and the likes that have dancing to them, just about every festival actually…

What is homeroom in Japan?

Japan. Homeroom in Japanese schools forms a greater part of students’ lives, with homeroom teachers acting as a substitute parent in many ways. Students usually have the same homeroom teacher and fellow students during their entire life at a given school.

Is school free in Japan?

Education Finance

Public primary and lower secondary schools do not charge tuition, and government tuition support makes public upper secondary school essentially free for families making below an annual income threshold. Families earning above this threshold pay tuition at the upper secondary level.

What is Oikutsu in English?

how old (for asking about age)

What is Rekishi?

history. More meanings for 歴史 (Rekishi) history noun.

What does Shigoto mean?

Shigoto is written in Japanese as 仕事 or しごと and means “work.” Often it is used to mean “work” in the sense of one’s job, but it can also refer to chores, a trade, someone’s handiwork, and is even used the same way “work” is in physics terminology.