What is the kanji for woman?

38. The “Woman” Radical: 女 | Joy o’ Kanji.

What is the kanji for female?

女 means ‘woman’ or ‘female’

Find out by looking at kanji such as 好 (859: liking) and 婚 (1278: to marry) on the one hand and examples such as 嫌 (1218: dislike, detest) on the other. In the most useful 10,000 words in Japanese, 女 is used 35 times, read 5 ways.

What is the kanji for Princess?

Hime (姫) is the Japanese word for princess or a lady of higher birth.

What is the kanji for beautiful?

The Japanese word utsukushii means “beautiful, “pretty,” “lovely,” “fine,” “handsome,” “good-looking,” or “charming.” (Click on the link here and below to hear the correct pronunciation of the word or phrase.) It is written in Japanese characters, or kanji, as: 美しい (うつくしい)

What is male in kanji?

男 【おとこ】 man, male, fellow, guy, chap, bloke, male lover, boyfriend, man, manliness, manly honor, manly honour, manly reputation.

What is the kanji for child?

子 【シ】 child (esp.

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How do you radical a woman in kanji?

38. The “Woman” Radical: 女 | Joy o’ Kanji.

What is Ojo in Japanese?

Ojo (Princess) (王女)

Ojo is the title given to a daughter of a king or its equivalent monarch. It is also used for female members of a royal family in general as a translation of the English word princess. … A daughter of an emperor is called imperial princess.

What does Yasha mean in Japanese?

The yaksha were adopted into Buddhist mythology, and in Japanese the word became “yasha”. … It would be the equivalent of translating “youkai” as “demon” and “yasha” as “daemon”. They mean more or less the same thing, one just looks “fancier”.

What is a kun in Japanese?

kun, (Japanese: “reading”) , in full kun’yomi, one of two alternate readings (the other is the on) for a kanji (Chinese ideogram, or character). … In the second (kun) reading the pronunciation given the kanji is a Japanese word or word element, often equivalent to a Chinese understanding of the meaning of the character.

What is the Japanese kanji for love?

Using the Kanji Character Ai

Writing love in Japanese is represented as the kanji symbol 愛 which means love and affection.

How do you tell a girl she’s beautiful in Japanese?

Appearance Compliments

  1. かわいい – kawaii – cute.
  2. きれい – kirei – pretty.
  3. 美 うつく しい – utsukushii – beautiful.
  4. 美人 びじん – bijin – beautiful person (beautiful)
  5. オシャレ – oshare – fashionable.
  6. スタイルがいい – sutairu ga ii – stylish.
  7. カッコいい – kakko ii – cool.
  8. すごく/とても – sugoku/totemo – very.
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What is the Japanese kanji for happiness?

幸いあれ 【さいわいあれ】 be happy!, cheer up!

What is Hito Japanese?

Learn Japanese vocabulary: 人 【ひと】(hito) Meaning: man; person.

What is the kanji for person?

The first Kanji we will learn is 「人」, the character for ‘person.’ It is a simple two-stroke character where each stroke starts at the top.

Is Hito a kanji?

Kanji Card – 人 – hito.