What is the most popular computer in Japan?

Which computer operating system is the most popular in Japan? – Quora. Overall, windows followed by iOS. As a consumer product, iOS outsell windows and android.

Are Macs popular in Japan?

MacBooks are quite popular in Japan. As mentioned by Tomoko san, if you visit a cafe, you would end up finding a lot of people working on their Macbooks.

Is Windows 10 popular in Japan?

Windows was the most popular operating system across platforms in Japan as of September 2021, with a market share of close to 39 percent.

Does Japan use Windows?

According to Microsoft’s Japan unit, an estimated 7.53 million computers in Japanese offices and local government facilities and 6.38 million in households are still using Windows 7, comprising around 20 percent of all active Windows computers in the country.

What is the market share of Linux?

Linux. The current Linux desktop market share is between 1.74 – 2.18%, according to the usage share of operating systems.

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