Where can I swim near Osaka?

Can you swim in Osaka?

At Hakotsukuri beach you can enjoy a 700 meter long beach, with white sand, surrounded by greenery, making it a scenic area to go swimming at!

1. Hakotsukuri Beach(Pichipichi Beach) 箱作海水浴場 (ぴちぴちビーチ)

Hakotsukuri Beach(Pichipichi Beach) 箱作海水浴場 (ぴちぴちビーチ)
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Where can you swim in Osaka?

5 Accessible Beaches in Kansai You Can Reach from Osaka

  • Nishiki Beach, Sawa, Kaizuka, Osaka, Japan.
  • Tokimeki Beach (Tannowa Bathing Beach), Tannowachisaki, Misaki, Sennan, Osaka, Japan.
  • Omimaiko, Minamikomatsu, Otsu, Shiga, Japan.
  • Shirahama Beach, Shirahama, Nishimuro, Wakayama, Japan.
  • Taga Beach, Taga, Awaji, Hyogo, Japan.

Is there any beach in Osaka?

While Osaka City itself lacks beaches, there are a few quality seashores you can get to in the Kansai region within an hour of the city. … Sennan in the south of Osaka Prefecture is well known for its coastal destinations such as Tokimeki Beach, Nagamatsu Beach and Sennan Satoumi.

Where can I swim near Tokyo?

Recommended Beaches Near Tokyo

  • Yuigahama Beach, Kanagawa. Photo by pixta. …
  • Zushi Beach, Kanagawa. Photo by pixta. …
  • Okinoshima Swimming Area, Chiba Prefecture. …
  • Kujukurihama Beach, Chiba Prefecture. …
  • Miho Beach, Shizuoka Prefecture. …
  • Tokimeki Beach, Osaka Prefecture. …
  • Suma Beach, Hyogo Prefecture. …
  • Shirarahama Beach, Wakayama Prefecture.

Where is Japan near?

About Japan

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Japan shares maritime borders with PR China, North Korea, South Korea, the Philippines, Russia, Northern Mariana Islands (United States), and the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Can you swim in Yokohama?

Summer time means trips to the beaches and swims in the ocean, but the Yokohama International Swimming Pool is open all year long. It’s also one of the the biggest and most beautiful pool facilities in Japan, and is an internationally approved 50-meter swimming and diving pool.

Can you swim in Japanese lakes?

Yes you can swim in Miyajima and you can even find some deserted beaches if you know where to find them. Some nice sandy beaches are hidden from the crowd and you should definitely enjoy a swim while everyone is busy taking selfies with deer.

Can you swim in the Tama River?

The river is very typically Japanese, getting wider and wider as it goes, with a varied and interesting path. … At some spots the river is deadly, but just a stone throw away is a placid spot where kids can swim and play.