Why is the exchange of Meishi an important practice in Japan business?

When meeting anyone in a business environment for the first time, it is customary to exchange Japanese meishi (pronounced “MAY-SHEE” meaning business cards). It is important to show respect when receiving another person’s Japanese business cards.

What is Japanese meishi?

The ritual of exchanging meishi, which is Japanese for ‘business card,’ is a much higher valued practice in Japan than in the West. This guide will serve to help foreigners who are new to doing business in Japan avoid costly mistakes.

What business culture does the Japanese practice?

Japan is a more relationship-oriented culture than Australia, particularly when it comes to doing business. Japanese want to know and trust someone before they do business with them. Relationships are developed through informal social gatherings and generally involve a considerable amount of eating and drinking.

Why do people exchange business cards?

Four Reasons to Continue to Exchange Business Cards

Newsflash: Some people actually network to meet people for future collaboration and won’t want to leave without your info for follow-up. Your business card prevents them from awkwardly fumbling for paper, pen, or typing a note in their phone.

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What is on a Meishi?

A Japanese business card. Typically, a meishi features the company name at the top in the largest print, followed by the job title and then the name of the individual.

Why is exchange of business cards important in Japanese culture?

Japanese Meishi (or Japanese business cards) have a much greater significance in Japan than in Western culture. … They show potential partners that you are serious, and that you understand and respect their culture.

How do you exchange business cards?

When exchanging business cards, the etiquette is to swap at the beginning or the end of an initial meeting. When this occurs, you offer the business card face up to the recipient.

How do you make a Meishi?

Giving your Meishi

Hold the business card at the height of the chest and hand it with both hands. The direction of the business card should be such that the characters are readable to the other party. Also, the name is more polite to say the full name. Slowly give yourself a name that is difficult to read.

Should I take business cards to Japan?

However, if you are visiting Japan on business, it is important to bring your business cards. Cards are usually exchanged during the introductions before the meeting. Make sure you bring enough business cards for your stay in Japan.

Why is Japanese culture so important?

Japanese culture is ancient and is filled with rites and traditions to honor the family. Because Japan is an island country, it was able to moderate the influence of other cultures for centuries. This allowed a distinct culture and heritage to develop for the beautiful Land of the Rising Sun.

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How does Japanese practice their culture in introducing themselves?

When you give your full name, the first name comes first and the family name afterward. In Japanese, people usually introduce themselves by their family names or full names. When they introduce their full name, the family name comes first and the first name comes second.

What is Japan business known for?

Japan Remains a Key Market for International Business

Japanese companies often exhibit a global outlook and a willingness to invest long-term in viable products and services. Japan is synonymous with quality and innovation and this goes hand-in-hand with Japanese companies’ commitment and loyalty to business partners.

What is business card in Japanese?

Japan. A Japanese business card is called a meishi (名刺).

Which country always presents business cards in exchange?

In the US, UK, and Australia, business cards aren’t as much of a ritual as in other parts of the world; they really are just used as an exchange of information, but for places like Japan, China, and the Middle East, there is a whole ceremony that comes with exchanging these slips of information.

What should you do when someone gives you their business card?

Hand the business card facing the person receiving it. Never write on the card of another person unless so directed. Business cards are exchanged at the start or end of the meeting. Don’t ask for business cards in front of a group of people; do this privately.